Roughnecks Ground the Flyers on a Cold and Rainy Night

The new look Dallas Roughnecks got out to an early 3-1 lead with the D-line scoring twice offering a tenacious D.  They O-line played small ball for the most part and kept the pressure on Raleigh to keep up.  The bad guys made a bit of a rally to tie it up at 10 but 3 unanswered by the Roughnecks once again put Raleigh in the hole.  Final Score 17-14 on a cold and nasty night in Raleigh.  Chris LaRocque led the team with 5 assists, Dillon Larberg baited with 5 D's and Dalton scored 3.  And the new rookies showed their wears with Noah Chambers laying out to stop an endzone score and veteran Ben Lewis (EBAY) with the timely upwind foot block feet from the goal line.  All around team effort.  what's in store next?  Beat LA 4/15 in Dallas!