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Dallas brings Los Angeles down to China Town 20-17

The Aviators flew high but couldn't out sky the Roughnecks in a close one. 

Roughnecks Ground the Flyers on a Cold and Rainy Night

The AUDL moved the Game of the Week to Raleigh for better weather.  And they got it!   High in the mid 30's with steady rain and winds 10-20 mph. 

Congrats to the San Franisco Flame Throwers

The Flamerthrowers beat the upstart Toronto Rush 30-29 in a squeaker in the 2017 AUDL Championship.  Beau Kittriedge won his fourth consecutive AUDL title.  Last year with the Dallas Roughnecks

Division Title Bout in Raleigh goes to Dallas

On a humid Saturday with no wind, the Dallas Roughnecks won their first playoff away game 27-24.

Home Playoff Rematch win vs Jacksonville

The Cannons couldn't get their fuse lit and lost 22-12  vs the dominating defense of the Dallas Roughnecks

STF Tad Wissel and Patrick Something Came, Saw and Failed

The Sin The Fields guys jinxed our beloved Roughnecks by helping Jacksonville give them their first home loss in franchise history.  

Take the $2,000 Roughneck Challenge
Can you throw a frisbee?  Would you like $2000?  Take the Roughneck 2 grand Challenge 6/17 at halftime.  Register at the 105.3 Fan Booth for a chance to win $2,000 by throwing a disc into a basket.    Register  at the 105.3 Fan Booth. once you get to the game.  Registrations ends at 10 minutes before the 2nd quarter.  5 fans will be randomly selected from the entries compiled.  Must be 18 or over to enter.  One attempt per entry.  Must use standard 175 gram Ultimate disc provided by The Dallas Roughnecks.  Length of throw is 50 yards.

Dallas Roughnecks still #1 in the AUDL Power Rankings

After another gritty performance on Saturday with a win over The Nashville NightWatch, the Roughnecks continue their undefeated season and sit a top the South Division and stay number 1 in the AUDL power rankings.   They have a tough test after losing Jake Anderson to injury and still without Kurt Gibson.  Look for some new faces to come off the practice squad for a tough road trip against Jacksonville Friday and Raleigh on Saturday.

Taking Care of Business in Madison, WI

The Roughnecks got off to a slow start in the first ever non-divisional regular season game against the Madison Radicals.  Down 8-10 at halftime, the Roughnecks rallied behind D Breaks in the second half and a more patient O-line.  Final score 23-17.  


Matt Jackson Defensive Player of the Game Week 2

The good news is that Matt Jackson was the Dr. Miller Defensive Player of the Game in Week #2 with a nice layout D in the first half. 

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